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Bennett Burke · Las Vegas Escort

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Bennett Burke - European Velvet GFE

Hello Gentlemen, I'm Bennett, your private paramour and travel companion. I've reemerged from my well deserved holiday with a new look, in a brand new city, and I couldn't be more excited!

This sea nymph-turned-snake charmer has relinquished her love for days at the beach for the bright lights and desert landscape of LAS VEGAS! I can't wait to experience everything Las Vegas has to offer, and meeting those who I'll be sharing those experiences with.

I'm petite and fit, with an intelligent wit- an undeniable beauty with an unambiguous, hypnotic charm. My personality is outgoing and sociable, always encouraging only the smoothest and fluid of introductions. I have an eloquently flirtatious approach, waiving ordinary and stereotupical monikers for true and tangible intrigue.

I'm selective when choosing my suitors, advanced notice puts you ahead of the game. ;)

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