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Cordelia Rousseau · (702) 902-0651 · Las Vegas Escort

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Hi there and welcome to my little ad on the internet <3

Well . . . I think it's inherently hard to talk about one's self in great detail without coming off either a little full of one's self or somewhat underwhelming. I recognize that there needs to be something said here to be more than just a picture with some sexy, interesting or odd, dress choices so . . . .I'll give it a go. ^_^

Well, a bit about me. If I had to describe my personality or ask my friends to, I think I would be described as silly, sweet, educated, a bit impulsive at times, but mostly just fun loving and adventurous. Ideally, I would love to meet just a few similarly fascinating fun souls and just have fun with this.
I'm someone who enjoys caretaking. I do this with the people who matter most to me in my life and this transfers to my intimate personality and idiosyncrasies as well. So, a sexy and fun night spent together getting to know each other and really learning how to make my partner feel satisfied and spoiled is, to me, one of the most satisfying intimate feelings you can experience. So who wouldn't want more of a good thing right? ^_^

In my personal life, I do tend to be very busy. Sometimes it feels like an insane series of sprints but I'm working on a career and classes I love so that makes all the difference in the world. Moreover, it allows me a decent amount of freedom in making my own schedule (with prior notice of course).
Still, school and work currently keep this part of my life simmering on in the background so if I take a moment to respond please please please don't take it personally if I haven't checked the secondary phone line or email I use for this immediately! I'm the last person in the world to be intentionally rude to anyone! There is way too much of that out in the world and rather I'd just like to spread the love lol. Seriously, I believe sending good out into the world is the only way I think it comes back to you. So . . .what I'm trying to say is that this part of my life is something that is much smaller, but in no means an insignificant experience. And I just want to have fun and open doors to new and exciting experiences I might have otherwise not had the pleasure of experiencing in this lifetime.

Also, because this is going to be a much smaller portion of my life I am a bit more discerning in who I choose to see to keep myself safe. I write this so that we are on the same page and you can expect that I'll ask a few questions to ensure my safety before we meet.

Overall I've always been bold, open-minded, whole hearted and very comfortable with my sexuality so while I'm still young this feels like a perfect opportunity open myself up to new possibilities and exciting experiences so ... if you are of similar belief please don't be a stranger and feel free to send me a message anytime <3

Sorry this is all a bit long but maybe with all of this you'll have a slightly better feel for me now and if we'd have a fun getting to know each other better ^_^

Phone Number: 
(702) 902-0651

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